jump [jump]
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1. to move oneself suddenly from the ground, etc. by using the leg muscles; leap; spring
2. to be moved with a jerk; bob; bounce
3. to parachute from an aircraft
4. to move, act, or react energetically or eagerly: often with at
5. to move suddenly and involuntarily, as from fright, surprise, etc.
6. to pass suddenly from one thing or topic to another
7. to rise suddenly [prices have jumped]
8. to break in continuity of action, as a film image, because of faulty alignment of the film
9. Slang to be lively and animated [the party was jumping]
10. Bridge to make a jump bid
11. Checkers to move a piece over an opponent's piece, thus capturing it
12. Comput. to continue at an instruction in another part of the program by means of a JUMP (n. 12)
a) to leap over
b) to pass over; skip
2. to cause to leap [to jump a horse over a fence ]
3. to advance (a person) to a higher rank or position, esp. by bypassing intervening ranks
4. to leap upon; spring aboard
5. to cause (prices, etc.) to rise suddenly
6. to bypass (an electrical component, esp. a weak battery on a vehicle)
7. Informal to attack suddenly as from hiding
8. Informal to react to prematurely, in anticipation [to jump a traffic light ]
9. Slang to leave suddenly or without permission [to jump town, jump ship]
10. Bridge to raise (the bid) by making a jump bid
11. Checkers to capture (an opponent's piece) by jumping
12. Journalism to continue (a story) on another page
1. a jumping; leap; bound; spring
2. a distance jumped
3. a descent from an aircraft by parachute
4. a thing to be jumped over or from, as on a ski jump
5. a sudden transition
6. a sudden rise, as in prices
7. a sudden, nervous start or jerk; twitch
8. [pl.] Slang chorea; also, delirium tremens: usually with the
9. Athletics a contest in jumping [the high jump, the long jump]
10. Bridge JUMP BID
11. Checkers a move by which an opponent's piece is jumped and captured
12. Comput. a program instruction that causes an instruction in another part of the program to be the next executed
13. Journalism a line telling on, or from, what page a story is continued: also jump line
1. designating or of a style of jazz music characterized by recurrent short riffs and a strong, fast beat
2. of or for parachuting or paratroops
☆ get the jump on or have the jump on
Slang to get (or have) an earlier start than and thus have an advantage over
☆ jump a claim
to seize mining rights or land claimed by someone else
jump at
to accept hastily and eagerly
☆ jump bail
to forfeit one's bail by running away
☆ jump in with both feet
to enter into an activity or venture wholeheartedly
jump off
Mil. Slang to start an attack
jump on or jump all over
Slang to scold; censure severely
☆ jump rope
to exercise or play a game with a jump-rope
☆ jump the track
to go suddenly off the rails
jump to conclusions
to make a hasty judgment

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